Maybe you don't have kids and are too old to trick or treat.  Or maybe you're an anti-social and just plain don't want to deal with people on the holiday.  What's better than a solid horror movie marathon for Halloween!  You've only got a few days until communities get overtaken by kids in costumes, college kids in debauchery, and the Halloween fanatics like me are simply in all of their glory.  So to help you prepare for a solid night in, avoiding all of that, are five of my Halloween staples.  From the spooky, the gory, the occult, to the vintage!

  • 1

    "Trick 'r Treat" (2007)

    Starring Anna Paquin, you've got a movie of five different stories, all interwoven, full of entertainment.  I honesty bought this one in a used DVD and it was the best $5 I've spent.  It was spooky, comical, disturbing, and entertaining all at once.

  • 2

    "The Fly" (1958)

    I consider this horror even though it's more sci-fi.  Vincent Price is the master of horror, and this one's a classic.  I watch it every single year around Halloween, and even though it's old, it never gets old.  There's just something about the high-pitched "Help Me!" that leaves me so off-put.

  • 3

    "House of 1000 Corpses" (2003)

    At this point in time by 2017, this one feels like a Rob Zombie classic.  Brutal, sadistic, and with cues from classics like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Rob Zombie seems to amp up everything.  Just like any Rob Zombie movie- not for those with a weak stomach.  But totally worth it!

  • 4

    "The Omen" (1976)

    A truly terrifying little kid, a supernatural plot, and Gregory Peck? Count me in.  "The Omen" is at the top of my supernatural movie list, although "The Conjuring" is one that also seems to be on repeat lately, along with the "Insidious" series.  But there's just something about the old grainy film that makes it that much more terrifying.

  • 5

    "Halloween" (1978)

    It can't be Halloween without watching "Halloween."  Jamie Lee Curtis is the scream queen, in a movie as entertaining as is scary.  Samuel Loomis may be just one of the most perfect movie characters out there, adding an element of the psychiatric mixed in with a villain that also seems occult and non-human.  Seriously, humans die.  Michael Myers never seems too!  Except you don't know that in the first one yet...