Halloween weekend is upon us and throughout the Capital Region kids and adults alike will assume alter egos, don makeup, wigs and costumes in an attempt to escape the 9 to 5 of every day life. We will even go "old school" and wear masks like we used to in 2019, for fun!

When I was a kid, trick or treating consisted of a store bought costume, usually at Caldor, made of the thinnest of material and complimented by a plastic mask. Even in the chill of the late October air the mask was always great for generating a nice sweat or our foreheads, cheeks and chins. Add a pillowcase to hold the rewards of the night and we were good to go.

Some of the favorites of my youth were Casper the Friendly Ghost, Spider Man, Evil Knievel and the always easy "hobo". My trick or treating career came to a close when I chose to be Peter Criss of KISS. As Peter Griffin of Family Guy says "No one wants to be Peter Criss.".

For most, Halloween is the one time of the year to become someone else. To pretend, fantasize and act out as another character. Others choose to make a career out of it. Actor Peter Barton, originally from Valley Stream, NY, now makes his home in Saratoga but for a number of years Hollywood was his home. Barton took the dreams we had as children and turned them into reality as an actor. You may have seen him on television series such as The Young and the Restless, Baywatch and The Love Boat.

As you settle in this weekend and search Horror movies for the proper Halloween atmosphere you will see Peter in "Hell Night" starring Linda Blair. Remember the shower death in "Friday the 13th, the Final Chapter"? That was Peter Barton.

Looking for something safe and fun for the kids this Halloween season? Crossgates Mall offers virtual pumpkin carving. You could win a $100 gift card!


Regardless of your plans for Halloween 2020 it is always fun taking on the personality and identity of another or simply watching someone else make the transformation. On the silver screen or at your front door.




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