Three 20 year olds were sent out to multiple stores to see who would sell them alcohol. The sting included Albany, Guilderland and Cohoes. YNN reports that this totaled for 19 arrests in which each received 2 misdemeanors.

Unfortunately it is not known if the tellers were just being lazy and carefree in their selling of alcohol to minors, or if they were tricked with some really good fake Id’s.

I remember my first fake Id. I got it in Roxbury Massachusetts. That’s a place you never want to get lost in. It’s a suburb of Boston and is kind of like Arbor Hill… but times a thousand. I chose the phony name of Jeff Flaherty. I was a telemarketer at the time and was calling people in the F’s in the phonebook and came across a lot of Flaherty’s.

So, later that night I put that fake Id to use at a local convenient store. I was petrified. My hand was shaking so much when I pulled it out of my wallet that the guy must have thought I had Parkinson’s disease. Really, I was a nervous wreck. I couldn’t believe that old timer sold me the beer. As I turned around I could see my friends smiling from the car as they saw me walking out with a suitcase of Budweiser. After that I was home free as I can be rather unforgettable at times. After a few more trips without having to be carded, I had the confidence to use that fake Id anywhere… until I tried it at bar that was known to be rather tough to get in. Not only did they not let me in, but they took it away and that was the end of it. By the time that Id was taken away I had already used it for a couple years and was almost 21 anyway. So, my friends and I definitely got my 50 bucks worth out of that one.