The first hour of Free Beer & Hot Wings this morning was a "best of" segment where pizza delivery guys called in with their crazy stories about the most interesting customers. Not all were pizza delivery guys, none were any type of delivery woman. Most important, there were not enough local stories.


I support the local weirdness, we are a region that is often overlooked because of our neighbors. I have never been a delivery person, but I know weird and I know that we have it. So show me your weird, especially if your a female delivery person, I am willing to bet that female delivery people have better stories then males.

Or perhaps you are the person providing the weird. I would like to know why someone would answer the door wearing nothing but jelly.... I hope it is jelly.

Because I have no stories of my own, here is that weird Olsen Twin pizza song video slowed down. It's safe for work and its hours of fun.