Well, Friday was certainly not a very fun day to be out on the roadways. It looks like this upcoming Wednesday could deliver us similar conditions.

I'm going to be that typical complainer right now (I will also complain when it is 95 degrees in summer), but come on!! We are just about out of winter and just like it started with a string of some heavy storms we are rounding out winter the same way it seems.

I want a winter like last year, one with none to very little snow. It's not that I hate snow, its that I hate driving in it. Mainly because of other drivers. Rant over, onto what we could see Wednesday.

It looks like up until hump day the needle isn't moving temperature wise all too much. We can expect clear days to start the week and then Wednesday evening could get a punch to the gut with heavy to moderate snow into Thursday according to News 10. Check out their video above for more info.