If you remember, shortly after Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a Half Men he sued for 100 million dollars. Well he didn’t get that, but he got a fourth of it for a whopping $25 million. Wow, Charlie gets fired and publicly goes on rants to try and humiliate his boss and he gets twenty-five million dollars for it. Oh man, if it were just that easy for the rest of us.

So what about Two and a Half Men? Have you watched the first 2 episodes? I have and thought that week one was incredibly lame. The only things that were funny about last week were references to Charlie.

After watching the 2nd episode it appears that Kutcher’s whole shtick on the show is to either be naked or just wearing a towel most of the time. That may attract women, but it’s not doing much for me. Kutcher’s character Walden is purely Kelso from That 70’s Show all over again, except this time he’s a millionaire. I will admit that Berta was extra funny last night and that I did laugh quite a few times without any Charlie references.


All in all, I believe that most initial thoughts were accurate when everyone said “It’ll never be the same without Sheen”. It’s true, but the thing is that everything changes after a while. Nothing can stay the same too long no matter how badly we want it to. And adapting to a change can be difficult at first. The funny thing is that often times the things we love the most, are things that we hated at first. They just took some getting used to. Although I don’t think that’s the case here, because I have enjoyed the show so much in the past I will give it a few more episodes to give it a fair shot.

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