Look, if you're going to walk in every day wearing an indiana jones hat, than you are totally asking for it. This college professor had to know what he was getting him self into when he decided to shop at "Dr. Jones R Us".

I know this student who is playing the music is just trying to get a laugh and kind of be a bit of a jerk, but this professor secretly loves it. Indian Jones was a college professor, so is this guy. Indiana Jones wore a leather exploring hat, so does this guy. Indian Jones walks with confidence and spunk, you can bet your crystal skull so does this guy. Every move this man has made has been to be Indiana Jones, was it not?

I wish I was clever enough to think of this when I was in school. I had a professor who looked exactly like Dr. Vink from Are You Afraid of the Dark. I never thought to blast that TV show's them music when he walked in and for that matter he never thought to say " with a Va Va Va Va" to me. Talk about regret city.