A horrific accident occurred off the coast of Italy a few weeks ago and people are trying to cash in. some might see disaster as a tragedy, not me and many others. We view disaster as opportunity!

According to NewsER.com a woman and her boyfriend were arrested in Hungary after trying to claim two missing people on board the Costa Concordia. Apparently this woman is just a money grabbing whore, because she asked officials several times on how much money she could except for her missing daughter and granddaughter. Good move lady, dive right into the money situation, not the fact you lost your family member. You need to tip toe around the subject, shed a few tears and dance around before diving right into it.

I think trying to collect on a disaster is sick. However, I can imagine using it to fake your own death as a powerful tool. Think about it, you would erase your debt. You could go on living Tax free for the rest of your life. Of course you could never see your family and return to normal life and hold a real job ever again. But given the chance, I might seriously consider it. Tax free sounds really good…oops. With the patriot act and this new SOPA crap, I need to watch what I type… I mean disasters are tragic and the only thing worse then people dying is some one skipping out their taxes! AMERICA!! Hell YEAH!

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