So I was perusing through the Albany SubReddit today, and someone brought up this questionable Craigslist ad:

Women 18 to 35 Wanted for Paid Activity $100 (Albany area)

This may sound strange but I'm looking for a female volunteer who would be willing to go without urinating for 4 hours while consuming a 16.9 oz bottle of water every 20 minutes. Email me for details. Thanks.

So like any internet user, I decided to do some math on this. 16.9 oz is a very specific size, in fact it's exactly the size of a bottle of poland spring water. Every 20 mins for 4 hours, that means you have to drink 12 bottles of water in 4 hours. This puts you just under 6 liters of water. According to the internet, the human stomach can carry between 2 and 4 liters.

So what's happening here? Do I want to know? Haven't we seen something like this go wrong before?