I personally am one of those people who prefers cats over dogs and have two cats myself, Now I am a bit scared seeing as one of my cats is aggressive.

Now what this is called is Cat-Scratch Disease. I am going to assume that is what we and Ted Nugent know as Cat-Scratch Fever. What the studies being performed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is showing as reported by WFAL is that what was known prior is wrong and is far worse. Even deadly.

Now to start Cat-Scratch Disease if you were unaware is spread from cat to cat via fleas and excrement. Given the name of the disease it is pretty obvious how humans can contract it. Scratches and bites (cats saliva).

Now you may think oh what is the big deal I don't know anyone who has had this. Okay, me neither. I do however know that my one cat bites all the time and it could give me this disease which is kind of scary.

The way that researchers are proving it is deadlier now than it has been is with reviews of health insurance claims between 2005 and 2013. That shows a little over 13,000 diagnosis of the disease. Some more serious of those diagnosis showed 538 people actually having to be hospitalized.

Beyond that they are also finding that even though rate of suffering from the disease is low there is an influx in post care symptoms which include everything from fevers, muscle aches, increased size of lymph nodes and even eye irritation. After hearing that my cat can stay away from me. More on the report is below.