It seems as though there has been an unexplained increase in those who suffer from Celiac disease, which just means the body can't process or break down food products containing gluten/wheat. With this increase comes the reciprocation of certain food chains who offer gluten-free choices. The newest contender to the cause: Dunkin' Donuts

I was in DD this morning and it didn't even cross my mind that pretty much every single morsel of food was outnumbered by wheat ingredients. I'm blessed to have the luxury to pick and choose any item off of the menu, but some people aren't so lucky, so maybe incorporating gluten-free donuts, muffins, bagels and other breakfast delights is just the way to go.

The chain has started the process of testing the individually wrapped, wheat-less goodies in parts of Florida and Boston. No results have been revealed yet, as testing is still in the works.

When asked about the additions to their menu, a spokesperson for Dunkin' Donuts claimed that the testing has been well-received. We haven't gotten any word yet about if or when Dunkin' Donuts could bring the gluten-free line to more stores across the country.


My previous statement about a seemingly sudden rise in Celiac and non-gluten items is not just an observation of mine, as the article states:

More broadly, sales of gluten-free products in the U.S. have been skyrocketing over the past few years; They rose 18 % on a dollar basis from 2011 to 2012 alone.

It could just be that people prefer these foods, but either way Dunkin' Donuts, along with Wendy's, Domino's, Arby's and Chick-Fil-A seem to be making a business decision. They get a more diverse customer base and in turn make a bigger profit, while buyers get a more diverse and readily available choice of foods. Is it a win-win or a foody flop? What do you think?

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