Details are extremely scarce at the moment but it appears as though three are dead in East Greenbush.


The brother of the female adult in this case,  Bernard Pamberi, said that his sister had spent a month in Pennsylvania getting a mental health evaluation. Speaking to News10, Pamberi said his sister was having a tough time after her 23 year-old son, who once served in the military, had killed himself in the same home the murder suicide took place.

Pamberi, who had watched the children while his sister was in Pennsylvania and was still staying in the home, notified police after he had difficulty getting into the room the mother and her daughters, an 11 year-old and 6 year-old, were sleeping.

Once police gained entry plastic bags and gas tanks were found, according to Pamberi.

Autopsies are scheduled for this afternoon.


The worst part of this story? Two of the victims in this case are children.

Again, details are nil but police say they were called to 58 Rockrose Drive at 12:30 a.m. Tuesday morning and believe the motive behind the deaths are a result of murder suicide.