The Dancing Dodgers Bear getting arrested is the biggest upset since the Capital City fans “booed” Dancing Homer. This kind of mishap can happen to anyone. I can’t even tell you the amount of times I’ve been dressed in a full body fuzzy costume at a professional baseball game and NOT danced on a dug out.

This Dodgers mascot would have been just fine had the dodgers actually had a mascot. Too bad he was just another drunk bro rocking a Ted costume. Some people might be sad to see this lovable character get escorted out but I can’t help but to feel relief. If you know me well then you know my hate towards bears all together. After all, bears are man’s #1 enemy!

I'm not entirely sure if this guy was actually arrested or not but I do hope this is the only reason the Dodgers beat the Cardinals. If so then he will not be returning for the rest of the series and both St Louis and the humans in the stands will be safe.