Godsmack is a heavy metal band that was formed in 1995 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The band is composed of four members including, front man Sully Erna, guitarist Tony Rombola, bassist Robbie Merrill and drummer Shannon Larkin. Since 2005, the band has released five studio albums, four DVD’s and one greatest hit album. Three of their five albums have been consecutive number one albums on Billboard 200. They have also received 19 top ten rock radio hits, 15 of which were in the Top Five, a record amount of top ten singles by a rock artist.

In 1998 their first album, self titled, God Smack was released, and the band went on “The Godsmack Tour”. In 2000, the band released their second album, Awake, which debuted at number five on the Billboard 200. It was certified as a double platinum album by the RIAA. In 2002 the band was asked to perform a song for the soundtrack to The Scorpion King. The song was titled I Stand Alone and became the number one single at Rock Radio and was the most played Active Rock song in 2002 for 14 weeks straight. In 2003 they created their album Faceless, which debuted as number one on the Billboard 200. In March of 2004, the band released their first acoustic EP, named The Other Side, which debuted at number five on the Billboard 200. In April of 2006, the band released their fourth album, simply being called IV, which was followed by “The IV Tour”. In 2010, the band released their album The Oracle, which was their third album that debuted at the number one spot on the Billboard 200.’