Just like many other tech companies, Google gets it's share of rumors and speculation. The eye is on them again as a rumored music download service is set to be announced soon, with Universal Music on board for the launch. But Sony and Warner Brothers are said to not have signed on yet. But that's not stopping Google.

Google Announces Music Business Partnership With iLike And Lala

This isn't anything new for Google. They have gone ahead with projects without first securing rights to something completely. I'm not sure why they would do this. Maybe Warner Brothers and Sony are waiting to see how it goes first with Universal? Let them take any hits right off. All of the music studios have been rumored to want something serious to compete with iTunes, yet everything that has come out, hasn't quite lived up to the task.

If Google doesn't have these 2 studios locked in, this could mean a slow acceptance if at all to the service from how I look at it. If you don't have just about all the major artists to flash at customers, you're not going to attract a a lot of them. Then, there is pricing, with iTunes at .99 cents for a track, and Amazon in some cases has .79 cents for a track, I'm kind of wondering what Google would price at. If the labels have their way, I'm sure it would be much higher then either of the formers. Which then kill the store before it had a chance to even try and compete.

It could also be that relations with the labels are not that good and that is what is slowing them down from signing on too. Google has been working on trying to get clips and full versions of the labels songs off of YouTube for a while now. Sometimes that happens with a big backlash. So that could also be a slow down to the signing by these 2 studios.

But the invitations have gone out, and something will be announced on Wednesday. As to what, we'll find out soon enough.