Some afternoon, you'll rush home from work, jump in the shower, and do all those manly hygienic things that you fellas do. You'll carefully style your hair in the best rocky 'do you can pull off at its current length, or stuff it all under a ball cap scrawled with the name of the night's headliner. You'll be the tenth person in line, your pockets lined with enough bills to cover you and whatever chick you hope to have on your arm before last call.

And tucked between the bills will be a strip (or two) of condoms, because we're all responsible pickup artists on this site, right?

Instead of fighting for the front row, you'll duke it out for a bar stool and park your rump atop the one next to the busiest bartender. You'll watch the crowd writhe and surge with the beat, and join in on their drunken rendition of whatever the lead is belting out on the mic. And you'll keep a close eye on the single ladies bellying up to the bar until you find the perfect one, and offer to buy her a drink.

From there, the night just gets better. The two of you talk and laugh over the music, and dance and sing along. You toss back a couple brewskies, and slam a few shots, and the next thing you know, you're being herded out with the rest of the revelers. Where did the night go?

No matter. You've got two tickets to paradise and a lovely lady on your arm.

You get back to your place (or her place, or the closest motel), and things get real hot, real fast, when suddenly, the main event happens way too soon. She's trying to be nice about it, but you're mortified, and just like that, the night's over. What the hell happened?

Well, first, don't be too hard on yourself. It happens to the best of us. I even know a few ladies who have issues with premature ejaculation, so it's not just an affliction for the guys.

As for what happened, isn't it obvious? You got excited. That's what's supposed to happen in these situations. And the level of your excitement only proves that you really like this girl, or at least what she does to your second head, so I hope you weren't a jerk when you kicked her out.

But what can you do to keep it from happening again?

Practice on your own. Yep, it's true, self stimulation helps prevent premature emission, for a couple of reasons. For starters, it's proven that you'll last longer with each successive go around. But, probably more importantly, if you pay attention while you're doing it, you'll eventually be able to tell when your level of pleasure is approaching overload, and back off.

Practice. Each time you go on a solo mission, and you feel yourself getting close to blast off, stop. Wait a few minutes, until the “right there” feeling dissipates and start again. Do this a few times before you allow yourself to go all the way. Or pick up a stroke counter, and make a game of it. Reward yourself every time the number's higher than the last time.

Kegel. I bet you thought that stuff was just for girls, huh? Nope. Men should work their PC muscles just as often as women do. This will prevent erectile dysfunction (which I think we can all agree feels worse than blasting off too early), incontinence, and maybe even prostate cancer, but it will definitely make it easier for you to hold off when things get hot faster than you're used to.

Foreplay. Even on the best days, it usually takes a woman longer to reach orgasm than a man. It's another one of nature's cruel jokes. However, the more you participate in foreplay, the more turned on your partner will be, and the faster they'll be ready to get off, which will make your “problem” seem like more of a relief.

Focus on something else. Holding out really is a “mind over matter” kind of thing. A golf tournament's a nice show-stopper. White walls, grandma's bridge tournament, bowling...anything mundane and completely asexual will help take the focus off the pressure building inside of you, and allow you to hold off a little longer.

Focus on her. Stop thinking about your member and start focusing on her. If you have to, ask her to focus her attentions on other parts of your body until you cool off a little. Use toys, if you're into that, so the party in her pants doesn't have to stop while you're trying to put the one in yours on hiatus.

Above all, though, don't let it stress you out. Adding more stress to an already uncomfortable situation only makes it more uncomfortable, and then you might find yourself having issues with stress-induced ED, instead. That would totally suck.