Listen, living in Albany can certainly have its benefits. Often times though from what I see, it can be a royal pain to live in.

Now I grew up in Troy so I will try not to throw a stone inside of a glass house. Then again I now live in a much quieter area. Albany though for me is too much. Constant traffic, petty crime (like the people breaking into cars a few months ago). Loud neighbors. I maybe should scratch that last one off the list seeing as you could get loud neighbors in the most rural areas of the region too.

The main reason is one that I am seeing today. Parking and then moving during a snowstorm. If you have a driveway in Albany then lucky you and this isn't even an issue. However, many have had their cars towed away from ignoring signs. If parking isn't bad enough try doing it with one side of the road off limits.

Positive of living in Albany is the easy access to bars and concert venues.