David Gilmour has released a new single, a cover of the Montgolfier Brothers' 1999 song "Between Two Points," featuring his daughter Romany Gilmour on vocals and harp.

"I've had that song on my playlist since it was released," David Gilmour explained in a press release. "More recently I mentioned it to one or two people: I assumed that it had been a hit, but no one knew it. I asked Romany to give it a go."

You can listen to the track below.

"I realized that Romany has exactly the right sort of vulnerability and youth for the song," he continued. "In fact, she was halfway through an essay with a train to catch when we asked her: 'OK, I'll sing it once, put the mic on' and that is 90 percent of the finished vocal."

Who Were the Montgolfier Brothers?

The Montgolfier Brothers were a British pop duo made up of Mark Tranmer and Roger Quigley. They released their debut album, Seventeen Stars, which included "Between Two Points," in May of 1999.

"David and Romany's version of our song is a great arrangement and production," Tranmer added in the press release. "Like all the best covers, it diverges from the original but keeps the spirit. Romany's vocal phrasing of Roger Quigley's words and the harp playing are both truly beautiful. David Gilmour's distinctive guitar adds a whole new dimension."

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"Between Two Points" will appear on Gilmour's upcoming album, Luck and Strange, set to be released on Sept. 6. Recorded over the course of five months, it's Gilmour's first album of new material in close to a decade.

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