Sebastian Bach launched his What Do I Got to Lose? North American tour on Friday at Jefferson, Louisiana's Southport Music Hall.

Bach's set consisted of mostly Skid Row songs, plus two selections from his brand new solo album, Child Within the Man, released earlier in the day: "What Do I Got to Lose?" and "Everybody Bleeds."

You can see the full set list and video from the performance below.

Child Within the Man is Bach's first solo LP since 2014's Give 'Em Hell. The album was preceded by three singles: "What Do I Got to Lose?" (from which his current trek derives its name), "Everybody Bleeds" and "(Hold On) To the Dream."

Bach's What Do I Got to Lose? Tour runs through June 29 in San Diego. The singer recently completed a handful of South American dates as well, including a few in support of Mr. Big.

Sebastian Bach Says 'Tape Bands' Will Never Beat 'Real Musicians'

Bach's catalog presents an immense challenge for any vocalist, but the singer refuses to use backing tracks when he hits the stage.

"I don't see a lot of bands coming up that are going to replace [the classic rock stars]," Bach told UCR in 2021, "because too many of them rely on tapes, and that's not gonna last the test of time. There's gonna be a time when those tape bands are gonna have to do it for real, and people are gonna go, 'This is a fucking joke.' And I just know that real musicians hit your heart way more hard than guys miming to a tape."

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He added: "Neil Peart and Eddie Van Halen, they weren't locked in their bedroom playing video games for 12 hours a day. That shit didn't exist. They were locked in a room with their instruments."

Watch Sebastian Bach Perform 'I Remember You' 

Sebastian Bach, 5/10/24, Southport Music Hall, Jefferson, Louisiana 
1. "What Do I Got to Lose?"
2. "Makin' a Mess" (Skid Row song)
3. "Big Guns" (Skid Row song)
4. "Sweet Little Sister" (Skid Row song)
5. "18 and Life" (Skid Row song)
6. "Can't Stand the Heartache" (Skid Row song)
7. "Piece of Me" (Skid Row song)
8. "Everybody Bleeds"
9. "Slave to the Grind" (Skid Row song)
10. "The Threat" (Skid Row song)
11. "Rattlesnake Shake" (Skid Row song)
12. "Monkey Business" (Skid Row song)
13. "I Remember You" (Skid Row song)
14. "Youth Gone Wild" (Skid Row song)

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