A new study has revealed that New Yorkers paid the price for joy this past holiday season.

What was that joy you're asking? The costs of running decorations over the holidays.

Pergola and pavilion designers Pergola Kits USA calculated how much it has cost homeowners in each state to run their festive decorations during the holiday period. Using electricity pricing data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) and the average square footage of a home in each state, they worked out how much it would cost to run a LED light display for 10 hours per day between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve.

Hawaii was found to be the most expensive state to run holiday decorations, where the cost throughout the 2023 holiday period was found to be $68.90. The second spot is California, with a cost of $49.76. Claiming the third position is Connecticut, where the cost of running festive decorations in 2023 was $48.54. Here's a look at the top of the list:

RankStateCost 2023 ($)
5Rhode Island$44.70
8New Hampshire$38.68
9New York$38.55

Ninth on the list is New York, with a cost of $38.55, experiencing a slight decrease of 3.01%.

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