When people around the world think of New York, they automatically think of New York City. Believe it or not, there are some pretty tall buildings in Upstate New York.

So, what are the tallest buildings in Upstate New York (north of NYC)? There actually are some pretty tall buildings.

Here are the 15 tallest buildings in Upstate New York:

#1 Erastus Corning Tower (Albany) - 589 feet, 44 stories. It is the tallest building in New York State outside of New York City and part of the Empire State Plaza complex 

#2 One HSBC Center (Buffalo) - 529 feet, 40 stories. It is a major office building in Buffalo  (Used to be the Seneca One Tower, and the Marine Midland Tower)

#4 Xerox Tower (Rochester) - 443 feet, 30 stories. The tallest building in Rochester 

#5 Alfred E. Smith State Office Building (Albany) - 387 feet, 34 stories. Known for its art deco architecture

#6 City Hall (Buffalo) - 378 feet, 32 stories. Known for its impressive art deco architecture and as one of the most iconic buildings in Buffalo

#7 First Federal Plaza (Rochester) - 309 feet, 27 stories. Central to Rochester's skyline

#8 Rochester Riverside Convention Center (Rochester) - 309 feet, 26 stories 

#9 Electric Tower (Buffalo) - 294 feet, 14 stories. A historic building in Buffalo 

#10 Marine Midland Center (One M&T Plaza) (Buffalo) - 294 feet, 21 stories. Headquarters for M&T Bank

#11 Bausch & Lomb Place (Rochester) - 260 feet, 18 stories. This building houses the headquarters of Bausch & Lomb

#12  The Tower at Turning Stone Resort and Casino (Verona) - 249 feet, 20 stories. A prominent feature in Central New York with panoramic views. Known as the tallest building between Albany and Rochester

#13 Niagara Mohawk Building (Syracuse) - 230 feet, 18 stories. Known for its art deco style

#14  Hotel Syracuse (Syracuse) - 210 feet, 19 stories. An iconic historic hotel in Syracuse  (CNY News)

These Upstate NY buildings represent a mix of modern skyscrapers and historic structures, each contributing uniquely to the architectural landscape of Upstate New York.

We understand, our tall buildings Upstate are in the shadows of Manhattan's towering skyscrapers. But for the vast area north of New York City, these towering structures are still pretty impressive.

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