Some people are truly content in their career while others wish they had something more.

A new study asked New Yorkers if they could have any job in the world, their answers were surprisingly... practical. Gone are the days of checking off "astronaut" or "bird watcher."

It seems now New Yorkers are craving stability over everything else, which should tell us something about how everyone is feeling about the local economy.

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The latest survey comes courtesy of Class Central, which turned to Google to see what people in every state were looking up when searching for jobs. The study highlighted over 100 different jobs that Americans were looking up most, and then refined it to see just how many of these searches were concerned about securing one of those wanted careers.

When looking at New Yorker's data, what residents were looking for painted a rather interesting picture. All jobs paid relatively well and had guaranteed hours. Most of all, however, all of them are in high demand, which translates to job security.

New York's Top 5 Most Sought after Jobs in 2024

According to a new study by Class Central, New Yorkers are craving jobs that pay well and make them a little more indispensable.

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People say they love about being a flight attendant is because the job affords them long swaths of free time. Think about how much flight attendants work during flights - that might be a perfect gig for people who can work in short bursts and then enjoy an hour or two doing whatever they want.

That may explain why nearly 17,000 searches are conducted on how to apply for this job every month in New York State.

While Class Central acknowledges that the selected jobs to make the top 5 are diverse, it also comes across as aspirational to them.


To me, it slaps of "what job can I do comfortably while still getting paid without the threat of being laid off tomorrow?" This economy has been a rollercoaster and I can only assume one too many New Yorkers are struggling with the whiplash.

What do you think? Is this list "aspirational" or "practical"? Give us a shout via the station app's chat feature below.

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It also should be noted that some of these selected jobs do require a higher education, which not everyone can afford to obtain. With colleges approaching $90k to go for a single year, here's several careers that pay well and don't require you to go into debt to obtain a bachelor's degree.

Highest-Paying Jobs in New York That Don't Require a College Degree

Stacker ranked the 50 highest-paying jobs in New York that don't require a college degree, using annual compensation data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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If you feel emotionally drained after reading this, just know you can shake off the economy blues with a delicious ice cream cone from some of the area's best shops.

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