An early Monday morning crash in New York state has resulted in several passengers being sent to the hospital. But while stories of cars and trucks crashing into structures in residential areas are nothing really new, it isn't too often you hear of a bus going into a home.

Some of the causes of these crashes can vary from human error, to some drivers even suffering some sort of medical emergency while behind the wheel.

Offcials say they are currently investigating all of the circumstances that lead to the driver losing control of the vehicle, causing the crash in the small town of Sheridan, New York.

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But while the crash did unfortunately lead to several people on board the bus sustaining injuries, no one who was inside the home was hurt, according to WWLP.

Bus Crashes Through Home in New York State 

The Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office says that a Chautauqua County Resource Center bus went off a road and crashed into a house right before 7:30 Monday morning.

WWLP says the crash occurred on Route 5, after the bus driver "went through two fences before crashing into the nearby residence." Police say eight passengers were on board at the time.

WWLP reports that the driver was issued citations for "speed not reasonable or prudent and moving from the lane unsafely."

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