New York Mets' owner Steve Cohen is in hot water with his own fanbase.

Cohen, who purchased the Mets in 2020 and was heralded as the franchise's savior, has become a relatively active user on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter). Cohen often interacts with fans on the platform, and has been known to respond honestly when asked about his team.

This time around, Cohen appears to have been too honest in one of his posts, and fans are not happy with what he said. Take a look:

This post, which was a response to a post on a Mets' fan blog, was quickly deleted by Cohen. It was not deleted quickly enough, however, as a few people were able to grab screenshots of the message.

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Now, Cohen is facing backlash for the post, but more specifically, is in trouble because of the implication within it. Though he doesn't state it outright, it certainly would seem like Cohen is admitting that he does not expect his team to be competitive in 2024, and therefore, is waiting until the Trade Deadline to begin selling off pieces of the roster.

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As chronicled in a story by CBS Sports, Cohen spoke to SNY in response to the backlash he's been facing. Here's what he said:

"I believe in this team," Cohen said. "I believe in the back of the baseball card. It's way too early to speculate on anything. It's May 16. I expect to make the playoffs. I know the fan base is frustrated, but it's still early. We're still very capable of making the playoffs. I fully expect to make the playoffs." -SNY

Shockingly enough, Mets' fans don't believe him, and neither do I. What Cohen posted on X was his honest opinion of the team, and his choice to delete the post is serving as an admission of guilt.

The situation in Queens this season is bad enough already, and the team's owner appears to have made it worse.

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