A long list of famous voices are Empire State natives. Is your favorite on the list?

New York is known for the most famous city in the world, and it turns out some of the planet's most successful and famous singers. Chances are out of the 20 singers on this list below, you have a few of their albums - if not all of them represented on one of your playlists. You will go through this list and find several artists who have left their mark on your musical history.

And the crazy thing is? We are just scratching the surface here! We could easily do an additional list of 20 singers born in New York. The wealth of talent that started their lives here is that impressive, which makes sense: with New York City being the epicenter of so many important artistic and musical trends over the years, it only makes sense that so many musical tastemakers were born in the city and throughout the state.

So without further delay, here are 20 superstar singers born right here in New York!

20 Famous Singers Born In New York State

There is a long list of celebrities born in New York, including a list of some of the most legendary singers of all time, along with some of the biggest names making music today. From Billy Joel to Lady Gaga to Post Malone, here is a list of 20 singers born in the Empire State.

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff

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