If you grew up anywhere but under a rock, you played the game 'Guess Who'.  Last night while I was watching Jeopardy one of the contestants looked a lot like one of the characters from the game.  After the jump, prepare to be amazed.

This was such an awesome moment.  My and my fiance decided to turn on Jeopardy for the first time in a while, and I'm glad I did.  At first we thought that contestant Edgar just looked like a creep, but then I said he looked like he could be a character in 'Guess Who' and that's when we realized that he looked almost exactly like one!

It took a little while to find the guy who he reminded us of, but after some crack research we found Philippe, who is no longer part of the game, but was when we were kids.  After digging a little deeper we found that people had a very strange love for Philippe. There is even a facebook group set up in tribute to him.

In any case, this was an awesome find and I'm glad I tuned into Jeopardy last night. I think one of my new hobbies might be finding real life 'Guess Who' characters.