Microsoft has announced the changes Xbox One users should be expecting later next month.

According to Xbox Wire, Microsoft would like to followup E3 2014 on yet another high note by announcing some excellent changes that will be implemented with July's Xbox One system update. First off, Snap Mode will allow you to look at your achievements. This will be a godsend for those who are tired of constantly going back and forth between menus in the middle of gameplay in order to keep track of your achievements as you fulfill them. In particular, being able to Snap a list of your current game's achievements and your progression will be a great way to keep track in real time without being bothered by menus.

Double-tapping your Xbox Button on your controller will bring up the Snap Center app on the side, allowing you to choose what you want snapped. You can then double-tap the button to switch back and forth between your game and snapped app whenever you would like. New Zealand, Ireland and Austria will now be able to select voice control using English or German models from other countries. Players will also be able to 'Like' all of your favorite DVR clips they have saved and organize them for social media networking.

Xbox has also said that there are some disc compilations and digital bundles in the works for Xbox One, hinting that we might start seeing these deals appear next month.

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