Something is happening in Kansas, and I hope it's not all related. To start the weirdness off, Kansas is declaring October to be 'Zombie Preparedness Month'. That I can get behind.

So Kansas is in debt (join the club) and so were some of the business in Kansas, like the sex-novelty shop 'Bang!'. So Bang! goes under, and Kansas seizes all of the assets, you know, like hand-cuffs, vibrators and lingerie. Now they're holding an auction to liquidate those assets and fill the tax coffers. (giggidy)

So this sounds all fine and well on its own, but Kansas now has a surplus of sex toys, and a zombie preparedness month happening. Do you think Kansas has a plan to fight zombies with dildos? Would dildos be an effective zombie fighting tool? Could you just give a zombie a dildo and let him go at it like a dog chew toy and avoid the whole apocalypse? I have a feeling we'll learn the answer to this in the coming months. (accidental giggidy)