I refuse to use public bathrooms. Unless it's an emergency or for a female reason I stay away. I do not want to get crabs that came from someone elses who-ha or just simply sit on a dirty seat that probably has no toilet paper to begin with. Nature called for one Kentucky woman while she was at Walmart and she got way more than she bargained for- she got super glued to the toilet seat. What a classic this would be on the People of Walmart photo site.

The woman sat down, did her business and then couldn't get up. She was like one of those old folks in the "I've fallen and I can't get up" commercials, only she sat down and couldn't get up-for an hour.

The woman was understandably unidentified and when she realized she was super glued to the seat she started screaming for help. Just imagine hearing "help! I'm stuck to the toilet seat!" as you shopped for home goods and groceries with your kids in the cart.

After a customer called 911 the paramedics arrived and spent an hour removing the woman from the toilet. With the actual seat still attached, the woman was sent to the hospital where a little more time was spent trying to remove the unwanted visitor.

Officials suspect the gluing was done on purpose- obviously. There are no leads as to who did this but odds are it was just a couple of bored kids wanting something to do while their parents grazed around the store not knowing what their children were doing or where they even were.

Back in March a Maryland man fell victim to the toilet seat trick, and if the perps are ever caught he or she or they could face second degree assault charges, for real.

Next time you're in a Walmart check the toilet for the usual urine or water drops and now some super glue before you sit down!