NFL Hall of Famer and legendary coach, Mike Ditka, had a stroke on Friday.  After a quick recovery, Ditka brushed off the incident in pure tough guy fashion by saying "it's not a big deal."

Ditka, 73, is a well known tough guy.  As a coach, he led the 1985 Bears to a 15-1 record en route to a Super Bowl title. As a player, he earned two more rings and became the first ever Tight Tend enshrined into the NFL Hall of Fame.  You don't excel in the NFL without taking and dishing out a few big hits over the course of a career and when Ditka suffered a stroke on Friday, he did what you would envision the man would do - he brushed it off.

Reports state that the stroke was very minor.  Ditka was playing cards and had an issue with his hands.  Not quite sure ANY stroke is "no big deal", however, I wouldn't really expect anything less from the man.  Growing up watching the coach roam the sidelines, I have seen his feisty self in action. At 73, I'm fairly certain he could still beat me down.  I'm sure the man could live through anything - unless the stroke was named Ditka. What if the stroke - was named Ditka?