We've all been there, driving down the road and you all of a sudden have to go to the bathroom. What's the first thing you do? Figure out how long you can hold? Find the first place that has a public restroom? Something like that right?

Not Mr. Elee Medina. No he just picks a place to squat and do his thing - even in a hotel parking lot.

Indiantown, FL is where this took place and the location is the Seminole Country Inn.

Officials at the hotel had reported to police two weeks earlier that someone had been going "No. 2" in their parking on a repeated basis but no one could identify a suspect.

Well, back on Sept. 30 police pulled in the hotel to find a man "fidgeting" with his pants upon standing up and entered his car. As police took a closer look, they found a mound of evidence that would imply Mr. Medina was in fact the serial parking lot pooper.

According to the police report:

I then observed what appeared to be defecation and wet wipes in a pile on the ground where I previously saw Medina standing

That should have been enough right? Nope.

When police questioned Medina about his actions they also found a "brown" stain on his shirt that "was consistent with the color of the defecation on the ground."

Medina told police he stops by the hotel on a regular basis to go to the bathroom as it's on his route to/from work and home. He is now charged with criminal mischief for "willfully and maliciously damage(d) the real property of The Seminole County Inn by defecating on their grounds."

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