The Hell Pop Tour with the headlining band In This Moment is passing through the Albany area and I was able to talk with hometown girl herself Maria Brink. Maria called into the program to tell me about how excited herself and the rest of the band were to finally be headlining their own tour and talk about some of the fun along the way. Check out my conversation with Maria above and then be sure to check them out on Nov. 9 at the Upstate Concert Hall.

“We jumped in the ocean last night around 2 am”

“I do want to swim with a great white”

“We’ve been waiting a long time to do like a head line tour”

“… I’m having the time of my life. I couldn’t ask for anything more”

“… I want people to feel like when they are watching us that it’s a dream…”

“I’m so insane, there’s so many different parts to me”

“Of course I love zombies and the walking dead…”

“We’re sick, we’re all sick…”

“I eat someone before every show”

“I hunt the hunters”

-          Maria Brink, Q103 Interview with Dalton Castle


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