Megadeth has been working hard on a new album but it's momentum is halted when their producer falls ill over the weekend; Chickefoot also has a record on the way and according to the producer it's almost finished.


We have some really great albums on the way very soon, but one looks like it will be a bit delayed.  Megadeth had to put the breaks on their project momentarily after their Producer Johnny K was struck with a sudden illness.  Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine posted to his twitter over the weekend that their session was stopped for now.  Sources close to the band say they are very close to finishing up.

Rock super group Chickenfoot is also close to releasing their next album.  It's the followup to their self titled debut from 2009.  Their first record quickly became one of my favorites so I can only hope that this one will be just as good.  Guitarist Joe Satriani says that the sophomore album from the band will be even heavier than the first.  The albums name will be Chickenfoot IV and is due out this fall.

For those of you who don't know who Chickenfoot is, they are made up of Sammy Hagar on vocals, Michael Anthony on bass, Joe Satriani on guitar and Chad Smith on the drums.  Can't wait to hear some new stuff from these guys.   Do yourself a favor and get familiar with their music in the video below.