Who would've guessed it - Mosh Pits actually follow a certain "logic" and science has proof!

Granted, most Mosh Pits look like a giant mess of chaos but physicist have found there is a logic to the movement of the Pit.

Cornell University (in Ithaca, New York) studied the movement of concert-goers who partook in a Mosh Pit and say they can now predict how those Mosh Pits will go.The study was more to figure out who people would react in a major social situation like a riot or protest setting.

Heavy Metal Mosh Pits, for those who might be out of the loop, are often formed in a firm circle where people "violently bounce off one another" while their arms are flaying around and kicking their legs out.

The study also notes: "Often resulting in injuries, the collective mood is influenced by the combination of loud, fast music (130 dB, 350 beats per minute), synchronized with bright, flashing lights, and frequent intoxication."

Here's where it gets interesting - Instead of visiting concerts firsthand, the team viewed Mosh Pit videos on YouTube featuring crowds of 100 to 100,000 concert-goers. After viewing these videos, the team came to the conclusion that the moshers bared resemblance to molecules in 2-D gas at equilibrium.

The lead researcher, Jesse Silverberg, said there seems to be a ripple effect from one person to the next that resulting the moshers to follow the "rules of collective motion."

To see exactly what that means, you can try the researchers Mosh Pit Simulator below (or clicking HERE) for a better explanation.

The team behind this research says this may help in predicting how crowds will react in mass panic - like during a fire, earthquake, etc.

So the next time you are at a show, you may watch a Mosh Pit a little differently, I know I will.

And for a more lively look at a Mosh Pit - enjoy the following:

(Daily Mail UK)