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Local Ski Mountain Open For Business
Although I am not an avid skier, I was surprised to learn that one of the local mountains has opened for business. They are the only ones so far to declare that ski season has begun.
Two NY Casinos Land on Top Ten List for the U.S.
Two casinos in New York have made a list of the Top Ten casinos in the U.S. outside of Las Vegas.
I guess Las Vegas was excluded since that’s a beast of its own.  However, there are a ton of casinos outside of Vegas, and recently a vote was done to pick the top ten nationally...
Recent Storms Did Significant Damage in Upstate New York
Driving from the Capital Region to Vermont the other night, I got a chance to see some of the damage done by the recent storms.
In a recent post by WNYT, updating the public on power outages and work being done by National Grid, they noted that nearly 300,000 customers had been impacted by the s…
Halloween Kiss House Rivals Guilderland’s ‘Abbey Road’
Halloween may be over, but there are still some rocking decorations that need to be celebrated.
I have to admit. The Beatles tribute house in Guilderland was possibly one of the coolest things I saw this year.  Any rock-themed Halloween idea automatically wins to me...

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