Free Beer and Hot Wings visited 102.9 The Buzz in Nashville a few weeks ago to do a live show.  The guys brought their infamous air horn with them and decided that Nashville would be the perfect place for a prank.  Producer Joe brought the air horn in to the lobby of the radio station they were visiting and proceeded to blast hundreds of decibels worth of noise in to the The Buzz's sister stations' studios!

The guys have used the air horn a lot in the past to disrupt, frighten, and annoy the rest of our staff.  In fact, you can watch a video of one of our co-workers getting the crap scared out of her or you can watch when the guys disrupted our sister stations' new morning show here in Grand Rapids.

Watch the video of Joe's stunt in Nashville below.

We worked our ass off for these four stations and that stupid Yankee is wreckin' it. - Zane

I've never seen eyebrows that slanted. - Producer Joe