I am an outgoing, enthusiastic and independent girl! I love meeting new people, so don't be shy!! I am a motor head. I love my cars slammed to the ground and trucks jacked up to the sky! I can always be found in the middle of any crowd surrounded by my friends. I love tattoos and my music loud!

Q-Tease Bare All
Piercings 20
Tattoos 10
Favorite drink Captian & Coke
What’s in your fridge Tons of stuff that never goes together
Best physical feature Eyes
Favorite band Disturbed
Favorite song to rock out to
Taste of Ashes – Straightline Stitch
Love or money Love
Late night snack Cheeto’s
24 hours to live.. what do you do? Skydive and bungee Jump!
Words to live by Never say never!