An RPI Dorm in Troy NY was evacuated on Tuesday and police officials and a HAZMAT team had to be called to the scene. Police say that a college maintenance worker picked up a closed soda bottle to throw it away when the bottle exploded in their hand covering them with an unknown liquid. A HAZMAT team had to be called to the campus to investigate and it was later determined that this was a prank and not a terrorist attack. The bottle had been filed with a mixture of chemicals that would explode once the bottle was moved.

“Oh lord help me I’m all sticky! This has got to be a terrorist attack from Mr. Pib. He’s pissed I switched to Dr. Pepper I just know it”! RPI is a school full of nerds why was there even a question if this was anything but a prank? Did we really need a HAZMAT team to come in and clean up the salty foam left from the mixture of baking soda and vinegar? This prank didn’t go wrong, it sounds like it went better then great. Someone got soaked with the soda and everyone had to leave the building. Good luck getting your Halo on while your stuck out side suckers.

PS: Do kids still play Halo? They do right? You young kids and your wacky Atari games!