This past weekend in Virginia a taste of Spain invaded - Well, more like a stampede of Spain came running with The Great Bull Run. Over 4,000 people paid for the chance to have twelve 1,000 pound bulls chance them down. Think that it's crazy they paid? How about it cost them $60 for a few seconds of an adrenaline rush.

Roughly 8,000 people gathered at the event to witness the carnage and mayhem as brave - or foolish or moronic or just plain stupid - people ran for their lives. 500-700 runners were on the grounds during each run down the quarter mile race track.

Thankfully enough only one man was seriously injured enough to be taken to the hospital while another received medical treatment on site. Runners also had to sign a waiver releasing the organizers of all liability if the runner was injured during the event.

Check out some photos from the event HERE, including some interesting choices for "costumes".

(Warning - The following Video does contain some NSFW language)