It's been a year filled with perpetual bad news, so Rush fans inevitably freaked out when they saw "Geddy Lee" trending on Twitter.

But rest easy, Geddy-heads: The bassist didn't die, as he playfully confirmed on the official Rush Twitter account. “Even I gulped when I saw I was trending," he wrote. "But I asked my dogs, and apparently I’m a bit boring but otherwise fine."

Turns out the prog-rock master drew buzz for a less serious reason: As sportswriter Allan Mitchell observed on his own Twitter, a cutout of the Canadian was once again spotted behind home plate at Toronto Blue Jays games.

The Rush account had some extra fun with the viral moment, retweeting a fan's assertion that Lee is the "greatest bassist of all time."

Other Twitter users pointed out that both Robert Plant and Stevie Nicks were also trending on Tuesday, causing brief panic among some fans. "My heart can’t take that," one person wrote. "Protect these souls at all costs." Another utilized a meme-favorite GIF of a relieved Denzel Washington, writing, "Robert Plant AND Geddy Lee are trending on Twitter and, since 2020 has been so bad already, my heart nearly stopped."

Someone else took issue with how Twitter categorized Lee's trending news. "I hate Twitter," they wrote. "Don't tell me Geddy Lee is trending. That shit scares me. And when he is trending, don't put him under 'Pop.'"

Lee — at least in cardboard form — has been a staple at Blue Jays games this season, with cutouts replacing fans in seats amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The bassist, a longtime season ticket holder for the team, threw out the first pitch of the 2013 home opener. "[I'm] very happy to report I threw a beautiful curve ball for a strike," he told That Metal Show in 2015.


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