Yolanda Vega and the New York State Lottery are headed to Glens Falls to present a check to a lady who was lucky enough to purchase a winning scratch-off ticket netting her $7.5 million!

It all goes down tomorrow at a local Price Chopper, which is where the winning ticket was purchased, at 10:30 a.m. The $7.5 million will be split between the woman and two out of state family members.

Can I be honest here? Who in their right mind agrees to a public showing of this magnitude? It's bad enough every friend and family member will be trying to get a piece of your winnings but now you're going to stand at a grocery store in front of randoms and take your prize. I don't know, doesn't seem all that smart. Then again, I've never won more than dollar so who knows how claiming your prize works. I'd probably get fooled into going to the store where I purchased the ticket, asking for my cash all while the little dude in the back grins and says- sure, let me cut you a check for a grand and come back tomorrow for the rest. I'd be like: cool man, thanks, seeya tomorrow like some sort of jackass.

What am I getting at? I have no idea! Congrats to the winner, I guess. Enjoy your loot and watch for people following you out to your car as you leave Price Chopper Friday morning.

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