The UPROAR festival is about to kick off this weekend and Brent Smith of Shinedown checks in with me to talk about what holograms they have planed.

Shinedown will be headlining this years Q-Ruption which is The Rock Star energy drink uproar festival going down September 1st, at SPAC. I’m hooking you up with free tickets all week long on air on Q103 and hooking you up with the juicily details on the show with Brent Smith in an interview below. Check it out!


“It is going to be the biggest show that you will see this year”

“We got holographic tigers… you know the Tu Pac was a little too expensive”

“It was really nice to see a real rock band in the top in the top five on bill board in the United States”

“The WWE has definitely been an organization that has always been very supportive of Shinedown.” - Brent Smith (Shinedown)