Six area Papa John's Pizza locations were shut down immediately on Saturday and without prior warning. The closing has left approximately 80 employees without a job and no explanation as to why the sudden closures.  

The Papa John's in Latham was part of the closure and according to most of the employees, everything seemed "business as usual" on Friday last week. Then came Saturday when the closures happened. The six locations include Latham, Loudonville, Rotterdam, Troy, Halfmoon, and Rensselaer.

The owner of the six locations, Christian King of KNC Holdings, could not be reached by the Times Union for comment on the closures. One explanation from a store manager was simply "the stores weren't making enough money."

It should be noted that King was given a $5,500 penalty in February 2012 when the state's Labor Department reviewed his books at the Latham store. They sited King for not providing enough polo shirts to employees to give them one new shirt per shift they worked no matter how long they worked there, as the law requires.

Once more information is made available, we will update this story. Our thoughts are with those employees and their families who now have one less source of income.