In Conclusion: 2016
This is my last blog of 2016, this year will go down in history as being one of the worst years for America according to some, others are referring to it as the "Year of the Reaper,' for me this year was just disappointing.
Year of the Reaper
2016 is going down in history as the "Year of the Reaper" because of all the beloved celebrities that have passed away this year and people all across social media and the world are begging for 2016 to stop claiming celebrity lives.
My Favorite Stories of 2016 (Video)
2016 has not been a happy year for a lot of people unless you're a Trump supporter, there've been many depressing stories and many celebrity deaths that made a lot of people very sad, but there were some good stories to come out of 2016.
Predictions For 2016 (VIDEO)
I wanted to find reliable source, that would predict 2016 without an objective, I wanted a non-biased influence, to guide me into the future.
I feel like I can see the future now, it is all coming to me, so clearly, that I feel like I can reach out and take a handful of the future, and stuff it in my…