911 Operator Tells Caller to ‘Stop Whining’ [Video]
This is a terrible development in an already tragic story for a family traveling on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway in Maryland and stopping to change a flat tire late Sunday night. The father, Rick Warren, was fatally struck by a passing car just as he was finishing up the tire swap. His fiancee was also hit, but survived, NBC 4 Washington reported. The teen-aged daughter frantically called 91
Guy Calls Police When Pizza Delivery Is Late [VIDEO]
I can think of no other way to deal with a tardy pizza then to call the police. I would call the FBI or president if I had their numbers but the police is all this guy could think of. Check out this call from a dude in Manchester who was not happy with the amount of time he was forced to wait for a his pizza...
12-Year Anniversary of 9/11: Rockers Remember
Today marks the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Just like individuals from any profession, many members of the rock + metal community are paying their respects to all who were affected by the tragedies that struck New York City, the Pentagon and United Airlines Flight 93.
How 9/11 Changed Me
9/11 is such a powerful day for me. I'm sure it is for everyone else as well. I want to be a bit candid with regard to this day. A day, that in my mind has forever changed my thought process. I mean come on, I can't remember what I ate last Friday, but I remember exactly when, where, and what I was doing back in 2001.
Never Forget
Wednesday marks the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Memorial services will be held all across the country, many involving a reading of the victims' names.
Cable Outage Causes A Spike In 911 Calls
Parts of Connecticut lost cable after a power outage hit the cable provider. This prompt a few self centered crybabies to call 911. So much so that the police headed to Facebook to tell people that their cable problems is not an emergency nor a police matter.

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