Supermodel Plays Tennis in Underwear [VIDEO]
26-year-old Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli took to the tennis court to play some tennis against an invisible opponent wearing only underwear for a ad to promote a new line of clothing.  Nothing beats looking at a supermodel playing a sport wearing underwear. Heck, she even picks a wedgie! Watch the sexy black & white video now.
Jennifer Aniston Goes Viral
She is the latest pitch person for Smart Water and has a very funny ad out for it.  She teams with some popular internet sensations in her quest to make the perfect ad.   It is called "Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape", enjoy.
Megan Fox Takes It Off For Armani
The latest adds fro Armani feature a scantily clad Megan Fox. While Armani may be a bit out of the everyday persons price range,  I do enjoy how she is selling the product.
Natalie Portman Is Hot
Not that this is breaking news.  Natalie Portman has always been a beautiful girl but she has re-caught my attention recently.  I saw her in No Strings Attached and she was looking better than ever.  Maybe it was all that ballet training for Black Swan, but she has definitely gotten hotter.  This is her latest tease to the male population, her ad for Christian Dior's fragrance line.