I Went Down The UFO Rabbit Hole And There's No Turning Back
Last weekend a buddy of mine turned me on to a few documentaries about Area 51, alien spacecraft, the Air Force and Navy pilots who've witnessed 'something crazy in the sky' and one man in particular; his name is Bob Lazar.  I've always considered myself somewhat of a skeptic on anything, not just U…
Flu Outbreak or Flu Challenge? In The Capital Region
Do you have respiratory symptoms, a rash, or diarrhea? Then you have the flu because you did not get the flu shot, Albany Medical Center Infection Preventionist Megan Helmecke said "Once you get it, you'll never miss a flu shot again." But is that a challenge?
And Now For Something Cute (Video)
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they played audio from a cute cat singing along with it's owner to 'If You're happy and you know it.' It is very cute and very foreign, they do not sing in English, and now I demand that an American one up these foreigne…
UFO Spotted Near Tajmahal In India [VIDEO]
A video of a possible “UFO” hovering over the Tajmahal in India has recently surfaced. I’m always fascinated by UFO and Big foot like videos, but in the digital age it’s tough to not be skeptical of everything. Looking at this video it lead…
Mysterious UFO In Japan [VIDEO]
Footage of a strange object flying next to an aircraft in Japan recently surfaced and than vanished. People are calling the strange glowing object outside the plane a possible UFO.
The UFO was apparently videotaped by someone from inside a private plane over the Chiba Prefectu…

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