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Budweiser Offering FREE Lyft Rides in the Capital Region Every Weekend in 2017
Free App Of The Day
If everybody had a Ferrari, across the USA, then everybody'd be cruisin', like Californ-I-A. You'd see 'em wearin' their baggies, Huarache sandals, too. A bushy bushy blonde hairdo, Cruisin' USA. Yeah, everybody's gone cruisin'... Cruisin&a…
iSniper 3D Arctic Warfare — Free App of the Day
Line up that target in your sights and get ready to take it down. Also make sure that you're bundled up, cause it's cold out there. But that won't matter too much. You'll get warmed up  real quick with all of the hot death you'll be dealing as an ice cold sniper in toda…
New Facebook App Will Help You Find Out Who Gave You the Flu
After last year's flu season, which health officials say was one of the mildest in the past 30 years, the illness is back with a vengeance. Well, if you're unlucky enough to currently have the flu, at least a new Facebook app can help track down the diseased jerk who gave it to you in the …

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