Ricky Gervais (kind of) Tells Off Hollywood at the Golden Globes
I will admit I didn't watch the Golden Globes live last night, just the recaps this morning.  But really all that mattered to me was a clip that's already been all over social media and the news.
Ricky Gervais hosted yet again.  With his cutting jokes and cracks at Hollywood, even though he himself i…
Local Musician Gets 3rd Grammy Nomination
A figure in the Capital Region music scene has been nominated for a Grammy award for the 3rd time.
Pretty cool to see the Capital Region and music on that level currently.  David Alan Miller, a director of the Albany Symphony, earned his third nomination for a Grammy this year...
Why Didn’t You Watch the Grammy Awards?
Last night at the 2017 Grammy Awards people sang, people cried, people said things about Trump and people got upset about things but that is just what I heard because I did not watch the Grammy Awards I watched WWE Elimination Chamber instead.
Listener’s Choice Awards 2015
We the people.... At Q103 are giving our listeners the power to choose, we are giving our listeners the power to tell us what your favorite local businesses are, and the most popular businesses will be rewarded by Q103!
Bill Maher Calls for Mass Shooting at CMA’s
During his HBO program on Friday, Lefty Bill Maher said, “Now that liberals have forwarded their agenda by inserting a mass gay wedding into the Grammys, conservatives must match them tit-for-tat by having a mass shooting at the Country Music Awards...
Five Finger Debut
At Thursday night's Golden God Awards, Las Vegas rockers Five Finger Death Punch were joined on stage by Judas Priest front man Rob Halford. Together, they introduced the audience to "Lift Me Up," the first single off of FFDP's upcoming album. If you missed it, watch it b…
Octomom Nadya Suleman Nominated For Four Porn Awards
Things just get more and more ridiculous as we hear about Ms. Octomom Suleman. It started back when she birthed eight babies at once, adding to her roost of six for a grand total of 14 children. Things got crazy as she later appeared in a porn film and now she has been nominated for four awards for …

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