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Ben and Jerry is Now Making Doggie Ice Cream
Ben and Jerry's has been making great ice cream for humans since 1978 from their headquarters in South Burlington, Vermont. Now they are dipping their ice cream scooper into the dog treat market with a line of doggie deserts.
Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s This Week!
Time for some free ice cream! Even though I'm a New Yorker, I spent many years living in Vermont.  So Ben & Jerry's ice cream was a staple for many years of my life.  As for "Free Cone Day"?  Well, it basically was a holiday we looked forward to every year. ...
Dead Ice Cream Flavors
Ice cream is by far the best thing in the world. It is delicious, cold and absolutely terrible for you, which is the perfect combination. However, when a company stops making  your favorite flavor, do you ever get so sad that you want to give it a funeral...